About Realtrua

About Realtrua

Realtrua's values are centered and focused on the highest quality and diligence of representation of our clients and their best interests in real estate transactions.  Our advice to clients is always aimed at what is best for the client.

No Dual Agency

Realtrua's policy is that our brokers do not offer dual agency. Realtrua brokers only represent a seller or a buyer, not both in the same transaction. Our undivided attention is on the best possible outcome for our client withourt any conflict of interest.

Sellers Trust Realtrua

No matter what condition the current real estate market is in, whether it tends to favor sellers or buyers, the best results follow good, honest, hard work by an expert and skilled broker along with a supporting cast of true professionals. Sometimes homes really will sell themselves, but not for the best net results for the seller. A realtrua broker is always striving to achieve your best net results.

Buyers Trust Realtrua

Realtrua provides the tools and professional effort necessary for buyers to find, negotiate and close their perfect real estate transaction so they can get on with their dreams. Buying real estate is more complicated, with more risks than most other types of purchases. A Realtrua broker will give you peace of mind and help you negotiate the best purchase no matter what current market conditions are.

Realtrua Delivers

Realtrua doesn't measure broker performance by numbers of sales or earnings. We measure broker performance by the quality of work and net results achieved for each client, according to each client's goals and circumstances. A lot of work is not what's valuable; effective work is what is valuable.

Let's Work Together!

Why not get the ball rolling? We would love to work with you toward achieving your real estate goals and dreams, on your timeline, no matter where you may already be in the process. In fact, if you haven't even started yet, this is the perfect time to get started the right way, with Realtrua.

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